A Relentless Pursuit - Fine Art Connoisseur 12/3/18

Excerpt - “There is a tingling sensation throughout my body when I witness an animal in its native habitat. I travel from the Arctic to the Equator in relentless pursuit of this experience. It occurs in the last strongholds of our diminishing wildlife.” - Link

All Creations Great and Small , AZ Places, 8/27/18

Excerpt - “If ever there was a woman comfortable in her skin, it’s Patricia Griffin. Wearing paint-spattered overalls, owl-rimmed glasses and a smile that shines with inner radiance, she took time to talk about life and art from inside her studio.” - Link

Lehigh Valley Style 10/2016

Excerpt - “Patricia A. Griffin’s vibrant, complex compositions explore the flesh, fur and nature of the animals who share our planet. The rich materialism of her creations makes a curious connection with the intangible qualities of each beast’s soul.” - Link

Featured in Arizona Collector’s Guide - Sedona - 2011-2012

Excerpt - “The work of painter Patricia A. Griffin will make you re-examine what it means to view art depicting the natural wold. Her electrifying paintings of bison, deer, elk,bears, and other animals are thrilling and evocative.” - Link

Penn State University, The Daily Collegian

  • Exhibit influenced by artists’ life events
  • Animal-focused oil paintings featured in HUB gallery
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  • Tunberg, Thomas, ed. Important World Artists, Vol.1: A World of Art. Santa Barbara, California: World Wide Art Books Inc., 2013. Hardcover.
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